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Typografics’ cycle against cancer

Last year, Typografics put their best foot forward in their very first 1.000 km of Kom Op Tegen Kanker. Last May, four Typografics teams bravely hopped on their bikes... and it left us hungry for more. This year we want to top our previous effort.

We will be sending not two but four teams to participate during the upcoming Ascension Day weekend, from 30 May to 2 June 2019.

Our motivation?

Several colleagues within our Typografics team have been confronted with the terrible disease. We consider it crucial that scientific cancer research can continue to evolve. That's exactly why we are oiling our bike chains to raise money for Kom Op Tegen Kanker.

How can you support us?

We have to collect a starters’ fee of €5.000 per team.

That's why we want to ask you to support our teams. Because every little bit helps!

Make an online donation or transfer your contribution for Kom Op Tegen Kanker using the account number BE14 7331 9999 9983 or 733-1999999-83. Mention that it is a ‘GIFT’ (important!) and add the nine-digit code of our teams: 170 173 586. Gifts starting from €40 are tax deductible. A deposit of €40 will thus only cost you €22. More information about tax certificates can be found here.

Or support us by buying something from our web shop. All proceeds go directly to Kom Op Tegen Kanker.

Thanks for your support!